Tiffany Williams

Few artists have so closely intertwined their life with their art as Tiffany Williams. Everywhere she ventures, her camera is normally by her side as she records the moments of her life. These photographic mementos are ultimately translated onto canvas; each moment to become a patch of her life’s quilt. Her paintings are filled with the people of her life; friends, family, even strangers who cross her path. The faces are rarely defined, but through gesture and context, we feel a connection and empathy to her characters and relate to the moment.

Ms. Williams possesses a pronounced streak of wanderlust. This adventuresome twenty-five year old has crisscrossed America several times. Traveling alone and with friends, her journeys have been transcribed in a body of work that combines her technical sophistication with her emotional ingenuousness.

Tiffany has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s: Twenty-One Under Thirty-One, Santa Fe Focus: “Surprise” and Sol Day News: “A Brush with Greatness”.

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