Kelly Kasper

Artist Statement: I am an artist. I was born in California and have lived in many towns throughout the United States in order to appreciate the beauty of each location and to become a part of those communities. Finding that I had a passion for art and photography at the age of 15, I worked hard to develop a style of portraiture that expressed my soul. I have worked with film for over 20 years and recently moved into digital photography. I have always loved volunteering my photography skills for women’s causes, the most surprising client being Jennifer Lopez for her website which helps to support underprivileged women. I also created a line of earrings to explore my artistic styles further. My custom pieces are handmade and hand chosen with semi-precious and precious stones, all with a feel for the ocean. I am now living in Colorado where I met my husband and have been working on creative ideas for a year long series of Fine Art portraits.


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