Kaz Umezono

Artist Kaz Umezono is dedicated to the art of oil painting. His figure paintings offer a timeless sense of sophistication. Additionally, Kaz devotes time to landscape, seascape and still life painting. Each painting is marked by an intriguing level of visual storytelling.

Kaz Umezono offered the following statement about his direction as an artist: “Beauty is everywhere. It is the job of the artist to express beauty on canvas. From what I’ve learned, I believe that paintings are the direct result of the capability of how an artist views his or her world. I am striving to improve my ability to see and create unique works that are interesting — works that capture movement and tell stories beyond the objects.”

Kaz was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to Colorado in 1990. Studies at the Art Students League of Denver since 2004 and has been studying with Ron Hicks.


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