Frederick Pichon

Artist Statement: My paintings reflect personal interests in design, architecture, science and history. Even though I have a solid knowledge of classical painting, my work is contemporary; composition and geometry play a large role. I often include materials or collages as well as computer images.

My artistic research hinges on the position of man and technique, and reflects the frailty of the human condition in a post-modern world where technique is both all encompassing and a liability.

One goal is to reconcile Art and Technique, both as a subject of inspiration and a tool, to enhance creating works. Geometric composition is important: In the abstraction of shapes, there is more to reality than the eye perceives.

Taking the viewer to another level of conscience is among the highest art can achieve. Some pieces aim to be images of a state of mind, the flickering feeling of a moment, others a more solid long term impression learned from experience.

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