Anthony Monaco

Artist statement: I was born in New Haven, Connecticut, near culturally rich Yale University whose campus and art galleries I visited often as a teen. One of my proudest moments came in 8th grade when I was voted “most likely to be selling my paintings on a sidewalk in Paris.”

My formal education included five years of study at The Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Applied Arts and a minor in Architecture. I was then accepted into Yale graduate school, but instead chose to study in the west coast environment, and two years later I earned an M.A. in Graphic Design from UCLA.

For 15 years, in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, I was a designer at graphics’ studios, and an art director with ad agencies. Then I “dropped out”, moved to the Crested Butte Resort in the remote mountains of Colorado and became a potter while skiing almost daily. Some years later I started a studio, creating ads and collateral pieces for the Crested Butte, Aspen, Snowmass and Keystone ski areas. Eventually I had clients throughout Colorado and as far away as Texas, Oklahoma and Washington State. After 6 years in the mountains I moved my operation to Denver.

Though involved in other businesses, I continued to pursue my art and studies via the Denver Art Students League, plus workshops and seminars. I also sought out respected teachers, such as nationally known artist Gene Smith (Residency,1996-2001) and mentorships with internationally recognized artists Lee Milmon (2002-2005) and Michael Gadlin (2009-2011).

I’ve always maintained a studio where I painted and drew from model, plus I’ve hiked mountains, explored cities and traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad, always with camera and sketchbook close at hand.

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  1. bill huspeni says:

    I love his work :-)
    See you at the upcoming show.

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